April 16, 2014

Looking Back: More Memories of Pelee

The Tip
Some folks checking out the gull action at The Tip

I probably could have used an editor on my last post; that was a lot of photos for one entry. For this wistful look back at Point Pelee 2013, I'll keep the writing short and the photos a little shorter than the first time around.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Year two kicked off with a bang as a former nemesis (Rose-breasted Grosbeak) turned close encounter

From top: Palm Warbler; Chestnut-sided Warbler; Blue-winged Warbler; Magnolia Warbler; Yellow Warbler; Swainson's Thrush; Wild Turkey; Red-eyed Vireo; Least Flycatcher; Lincoln's Sparrow; Red-winged Blackbirds

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