March 09, 2014

Owl Hunt III

Snowy Owl
It's Snowy alright
I've already written about Owl Hunts I and II and how I got a headstart on Owl Hunt III, but on February 1st it was finally time for the Third Annual Owl Hunt.

If you're reading this, your life is probably pretty sad so you may well already know that the winter of 2013-14 has given us the biggest irruption of Snowy Owls in fifty years. All winter I read article after article about Snowy Owls being seen all over Eastern Canada and the US, but I hadn't been out once this winter to look for them, so when Owl Hunt '14 finally rolled around, these guys were definitely something I was hoping to see.

In three years of doing this, we've still never seen a Long-eared Owl, a Saw-whet, Boreal, Screech Owl, or even had much of a look at a Short-eared, but this year we got to see SEVEN Snowy Owls.  Unfortunately, it was an overcast and very snowy day so my photos aren't real award winners.

I read something kind of interesting recently about how Snowy Owls have small 'ear tufts' like Great Horned and Long Eared Owls, but they're smaller and usually not sticking up. Click on the second image of the Owl on the utility pole to see what I'm talking about.

Snowy Owl #2Snowy Owl #3
Snowy Owl #4Snowy Owl #6

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